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From the Blog: Luna Tics

From the Blog: Matt will fix it

From the Blog: Luna Tics

From the Blog: knifeboy

From the Blog: nightie

From the Blog: knifeboy

From the Blog: nightie

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From the Blog: Matt will fix it

From the Blog: Matt will fix it

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We don't need anything. We're good for now. Thanks, though. We love you guys.

On Autumn In the blog Matt will fix it
His name really was Steve. I have such an unreliable memory that whenever I make a phone call that may require me making a note of anything, I record it. This call was charged for, and took about eight minutes, which was partly why I was so pissed off that my bank (like many other institutions) supplies no means of contacting them other than by phone or letter. Presumably part of the reason is found in that after I’d asked him my question he said that while he was finding out the information, would I consider giving them some money for some service that I didn’t actually want? I’m not even sure what it was – I cut him off before he’d had time to explain. There was a period of slightly embarrassed silence after that.
Simon, go with the leather straps. Luna, you can always say 'thanks for the info, but I don't use it much.' You're under no obligation to add them. If you offered to Add As A Friend, you can always Unfollow them and have your future posts exclude them.
At most banks and other "official" places around here, you're ALWAYS Mr. or Ms. _______. Which may be a southern thing.
Yes, if you need donations, please just ask.

On Autumn In the blog Matt will fix it
I think honesty can go both ways. Maybe if men said "I don't want kids of my own but I can tolerate your crotch fruit if their dad pays child support AND if your kids are cool. No dorks," women would be more open. But yeah I hear this on radio call in shows all the time. Why the hell do women call DJ's for advice?
So doesn't she have custody of the child? It's s weird world we live in
Definitely NOT!

On Autumn In the blog Matt will fix it
No that is fucking weird. what did they say i think duiring or after. or before if you don't really want to go. ha!
All of her doctors know people at MDA so we're good. And Bulldog, I am all for experimental treatments. I wasn't dissing them by calling them "shit." Hell, It's all we've got. BTW, a three month supply of the palliative medication is $13,000. Who knows what insurance will do with it.

On Autumn In the blog Matt will fix it