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Tits. Almost always tits. (coming from an ass man)

On Degenerate In the blog Luna Ticks
My company provides great contract labor. We are not so great at hiring contract labor, lol. I can never fall asleep on my boys stay up later than I do! :)

On A New Day In the blog knifeboy
Sleeping on the couch was the option that won out last night after my entry. It just happened. I'm doing better today, except I still have the stomach ache. I realized this morning that I shouldn't let the work problems caused by other people spaz me out so much. Those people either don't know their jobs, are inept, don't care, or quite possibly, all three. Most of it comes from one sister facility. The company decided years ago that it would be great to hire nothing but third party labor fot this operation, pay them little, and give them no benefits. They are saving a ton of money I'm sure, and they are getting what they are paying for. The place is a disaster area that no one wants to have anything to do with. The turn over there is very high on a regular basis, and mass resignations happen once or twice a year. I'm convinced that everyone there, from the workwers on up through senior management, are as I just described. The dating site sent me an invite to a singles only

On A New Day In the blog knifeboy
It will be that way here too until about Halloween. I'm lucky I can change clothes multiple times per day if I need to.
Dirty pillows! Now go pray in the closet!

On Degenerate In the blog Luna Ticks
I haven't had a cable or TV service in over a year now, and I have to say, I rarely miss it. Internet all the way! Glad to hear that YOU have been doing a good job at work - even if the mistakes of others are making your job harder (that totally sucks).
We had a scandal in 2006 where the mom of a high school student (a boy) was, ahem, overly friendly with more than one of his friends, bought them weed and alcohol and hosted parties in her home. It's JUST NOW about to go to court. No idea why it took 10 years.
The only thing I keep in my filing cabinet is booze and crystal glassware
Congrats to Aaron! That's wonderful, and got me all verklempt. I misspelled Suzy in my other comment. Man, I hope she's okay.

On Good and bad In the blog Luna Ticks