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On Tue. January 14, 2014: There has been an update to the blog widget called: twitter! Check it out at Blogs->My Blogs->[blog_name]->options. You will have to add it back to your blog if you were using it.

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Who among us HASN'T shitted themselves after seeing a particularly affecting set of tits?
You know why Kona said that? You know that medicine that alcoholics take that makes them vomit if they drink alcohol? Because of sex addiction, Kona takes a similar one, so he gets a violent reaction if he sees tits. Basically he shits himself.
I’m assuming that won’t include me?
I'm pretty sure you just flirted with me HEAVILY, and I do feel ashamed of myself for corrupting you so. I haven't weighed in on the gun thing at all on FB. It's so polarizing and common sense seems to be out there on Jupiter - or somewhere further away.

On Just thinking In the blog Luna Tics
I think it’s disgusting when people like you take a balanced view of a matter that’s currently being heatedly discussed, when everyone else is being blindly dogmatic and refusing to see reason. I hope you feel thoroughly ashamed of yourself. I have now given up all such comments on Facebook. It’s a complete waste of time; not only does no one want to debate anything, they are offended by the mere fact that you’re disputing their assertions. Needless to say the current hot topic is whether equipping teachers with guns will reduce the number of school massacres, and I have broken with a long tradition and kept completely out of it. As for flirting, I think it should be made illegal. People are finding far too much pleasure in life. Life isn’t supposed to be fun.

On Just thinking In the blog Luna Tics
I think I agree with your line. That’s kind of what bugged me about that chick who accused Aziz Ansari of “sort of” sexual assault - others were saying that unless a woman is clearly enthusiastic about sex, you’re raping her (even if she never says no, or anything like it). And I’m not sure I agree with that; some women just aren’t all that exuberant about sex (or much of anything else, to be honest). Asking anyone to assume things that aren’t said … ugh. Anyway. I started watching Harlots, which got me to thinking about all this - about how women were used and basically property, and how they turned it around to get some power back. Sex as currency can definitely go both ways. And I love flirting. I don't want to stop just because some people suck at it and don't know when to draw the line.

On Just thinking In the blog Luna Tics
Maybe I'm oversimplifying, but I think as far as run-of-the-mill sexual obnoxiousness, the line is when you say straight-up: "That's inappropriate. Back the fuck off," and whether they respect that and indeed check their behavior, or if they keep pushing it. And that goes for harassers of either sex. I'm like you: I'd hate to see flirting disappear altogether. Some days it's all that keeps me going, lol.

On Just thinking In the blog Luna Tics
Casting couch and hotel room garbage aside, actors are a weird bunch. And maybe it's way different for screen actors than stage actors, but I remember some of Margeau's stories from ages ago that had me dropping my jaw a little bit - the interactions on and off set between those involved in a production were not what most people would think of as normal. I was watching an old Will & Grace last night from their last season, and Grace had this game of how many male celebrities she could smack on the ass at a party. I know that was awhile ago, but I think there is still a bit of a double standard there. I really don't want #MeToo to devolve into #PoorMe, and I fear in some cases, it has.
Same. If I want to get sexually pestered, I come here, not the workplace.
Yeah, I read about that. I *hope* that it isn't true. I don't know any of them, obviously, so I don't have a dog in the fight other than hoping yet another man wasn't a total asshole.

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