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They did a couple of shows about 5 years ago to round up some of their enduring stories

On An A List In the blog knifeboy
Snow - Patsy Stone is a character in Absolutely Fabulous - a British Sitcom. She pioneered the Stolly & Bolly cocktail (vodka and champagne) as a mid-morning pick me up; smokes like a chimney and shags any younger or richer man. That is the iconic photo of her. She is huge in Commonwealth Countries - I assumed that she would be in the US as well

On An A List In the blog knifeboy
Actually I think she called him a "fuckhead." The dialogue seems off the charts good. My brother said it's the same director that did In Bruges, which he said was excellent. Apparently he likes the absurdist black comedy, like the Cohen Brothers.
Molly accidentally head-butted me once when I was combing her and hit a tender spot. She was sooooooooo contrite when she realized what she did. Instead of curling up in the crook of my knees on the couch like she usually does, she sort of put her head across my ankles until I reassured her sufficiently that I wasn't mad.

On An A List In the blog knifeboy
"You fucking retard!" bwahahahaha. This is sooo my type of movie !
By the way, if you took a swig out of that carton of buttermilk, you would once again be up to your eyebrows in dick.
What is it SUPPOSED to be? A pitcher of buttermilk pouring out until it covers the whole carton white? I just wonder why THAT design? It looks like the graphic image of twig and berries that we were shown in sex ed in high school. And thank you Mary. You're a motherfucking champion and THAT is why we love you!
I never in my life had a mullet. I could probably find pics. I have never in my life liked long hair touching my neck, I think it would drive me insane.
Hey Steve, did you have an Arkansas waterfall in college?